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Undoubtedly, the political views of Solon were formed and were well known in Athenian society by 594 BC. It was then that he was elected the first archon - the highest official in Athens, with broad powers of the esement (intermediary). By this time, the contradictions between the people and the nobility had reached the limit, but the warring parties had the prudence to turn to Solon with a request for the necessary reforms. Solon, not without hesitation, began to transform the political system of Athens. The nobility hoped that Solon, himself being an aristocrat, would strengthen her position. Demos, considering Solon a just man, expected from him a general redistribution of property and the equalization of all rights. Solon was not going to do either one or the other.
He considered the claims of the nobility to be excessive and reproached her in his poems: “Calm your mighty heart in your chest: You got a lot of blessings - you are fed up with them, put Measure on the arrogant spirit: otherwise we will stop obeying, and everything will not be to your liking. ". The idea of ​​universal property and political equality was also unacceptable for Solon, which he put on a par with the hated tyranny: “... I don’t like to rule tyranny by force, just as in the pastures of my relatives, Give the thin and noble an equal share.”

According to Solon, the life of society should be regulated by law and laws adopted with universal consent. These principles were put by Solon in the basis of his reforms. For Solon, the rich and the poor, the noble and the humble, are equal members of a single civil society. For the sake of the unity and prosperity of society, mutual concessions and compromises are necessary. About his role, Solon said in verse: “I got up, covering both with a mighty shield, And I didn’t give anyone to win the wrong of others.” Courage and a strong will were required to consistently carry out such an intention.

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