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“Andorra concentrates on the protection of the environment and fights against climate change”, so says the Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Sustainable Development of Andorra, Silvia Calvó

The Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Sustainable Development of Andorra, Silvia Calvó spoke to all-andorra.com about Andorra’s environmental programs:

What are the main environmental problems faced by the Andorran government ?

I would rather not speak about environmental problems, but about strategies to further improve the environment and quality of life of our citizens and the tourists who come to visit us. Our government is implementing two main strategies: the strategy of the fight against climate change, which involves the transition of our energy model, and the national strategy for improving  our country’s landscape , particularly in the industrial areas. We work together with the seven parishes’s authorities on these issues. As you know, Andorra is a tourist country and the landscape is one of our main assets.

What has the government of Andorra already done in each area ?

Andorra was one of the first states to submit its national contribution to the fight against climate change at the international level. The Andorran parliament has already ratified the Paris agreement on climate change. The agreement replaced the Kyoto protocol and was adopted in December 2015 at the United Nations conference, when all the countries’ members committed themselves to limit the increase of the average temperature on the planet to less than 2 degrees Celsius, compared to the so-called preindustrial period.
Look here for the full interview": http://all-andorra.com/environment-protection-2016/

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New biometric passports planned to be implemented in Andorra by the end of January 2017

The Andorran Government approved amendments to the regulations of the use of new security features of the  of Andorran citizens. In particular, the amendments concern the implementation of the international security system SAC (Supplemental Access Control), which implies a fingerprint scan of the  holder.
The main page of the new passports with personal data and photo will also change and will include two additional safety elements – for visual control and monitoring with a special reading device.
Paper quality will be improved, which will allow better to save the document for 10 years. Look for details: http://all-andorra.com/biometric-passport/