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T. Derry and T. Williams presented a brilliant story about the technological achievements of mankind from antiquity to the present day, paying close attention to the impact of technological progress on the course of history. The first part of the narrative includes the history of technology from ancient times to 1750. The story begins with a general historical overview of ancient civilizations, then the authors consider topics such as food production, metalworking, building construction, early sources of energy, and the beginning of the chemical industry. 
The second part of the text is devoted to the development of the steam engine, machine tools, modern transportation, coal and metal mining, the rise of the modern chemical industry, textiles, the internal combustion engine, electricity, and much more. Each section is preceded by a historical introduction, and the book concludes with a series of tables designed to show the relationship of names and events in the text. The book is richly illustrated and filled with factual data.

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